Prayers From the Ark  arranged for string quartet. 1993. 12’
      1. The Prayer of the Mouse
      2. The Prayer of the Goldfish
      3. The Prayer of the Tortoise
      4. The Prayer of the Dove
   University of Akron faculty and student quartet, Akron, 1994

Dreamcatcher  for eight percussionists. 1994. 22’
   University of Akron Percussion Ensemble, Jeff Gram, conductor, Akron, 1994
   Northwestern University Percussion Ensemble, Ed Koehler, conductor, Evanston, 1995

Jubilee Fanfare  for brass quintet. 1994.  4’
   Premiere by the Corbel Brass Quintet, the University of Akron, 1994

Realization of Trio 12e-3  by Herbert Brun, (with Gerald Nicks and Dale Speicher) for three performers using Tibetan temple bells, piano, woodblock, hammered dulcimer, and planetary chimes. 1994. 9’
   Premiere by Gerald Nicks, Dale Speicher, and the composer, the Universityof Akron, 1994

Where Did I Park?  for piano solo. 1994. 2’
   Premiere by Robert Frankenberry, the University of Akron, 1994

Hell for Breakfast  scherzo for contrabass solo. 1994. 2’
   Premiere by John Hammons, the Michigan String Teachers Association, Grand Rapids, MI, 2011

Solemn Ringing  for carillon, chimes, and brass. 1996. 6’
   Published by the University of Michigan Carillon Series, 1997

Music from “Sherlock Holmes”  for  violin, cello, piano (each doubling percussion). 1996.  14’
      1. Overture
      2. The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
      3. Moriarty's Waltz
      4. Entr'acte -- The Gas Chamber
      5. A Daring Escape
      6. Finale
   Premiere by University of Michigan student ensemble, Ann Arbor, 1997

Sigmund Freud, Jacques Derrida, and Jean-Francois Lyotard  for two-track electronic tape. 1999. 4’

Circle of Stars  for 12 or more children playing found instruments. 1999.    5’   
   Premiere at Mostly Music Camp, Ann Arbor, 1999

Scenes from “The Investigation”   for Bb clarinet, brass quartet, piano, percussion, and four actors. 2000. 18’
      1. Overture
      2. The Song of the Platform
      3. The Song of the Possibility of Survival
      4. The Song of the Bunker Block 
      5. The Song of the Black Wall
      6. The Song of Phenol
      7. The Song of the Fire Ovens
      8. Finale
   Premiere by Concordia University student ensemble, conducted by the composer at Concordia    University, Ann Arbor, 2000

Tohu Wavohu  (Genesis), for five percussionists and seven speakers.  2000.  11’
      King of Kings Lutheran Church, conducted by the composer, Ann Arbor, 2000  
      St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, conducted by the composer, Ann Arbor, 2000 (and multiple          performances)
      Northside Associated Ministries, conducted by the composer, Ann Arbor, 2005 (and
         multiple performances)
      The Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw Country, conducted by the composer, Ann                      Arbor, 2010

Mary’s Song  (Luci Shaw), for speaker (f) and three percussionists playing glass     instruments.   2000.  3’ 
   Premiere conducted by the composer, King of Kings Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, 2000

Orbis (for Randy Coleman), for any number of musicians playing glass instruments. 2009
   Premiere conducted by the composer at The Studio Gallery and Lyceum, Oberlin, 2009

Pluto  for organ and percussion, 2011. 8’
   Commissioned and premiered by Organized Rhythm (Clive Driskill-Smith and Joseph Gramley,       American Guild of Organists National Convention, Nashville, 2012



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